Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jessica Hardy Came Home

Two nights of observations from the Charlotte Ultraswim Grand Prix:

Last Night:

As predicted here, Soni vs Hardy was the race of the night. What made it excited was, of course, the unexpected. In this case that was Hardy's closing speed. She was 34.88 on the second 50. She's come a long way from her return last summer when she finished the race is 38.32(!)

It was jarring to see Dagny Knutson swimming a B heat of 400 IM and getting beat. Doesn't it also feel weird that she is older than Elizbaeth Beisel. It can't have been fun for Knutson, who has been the unfortunate victim of some drama since she decided to break her commitment to Auburn.

Lebherz! Harris! Ford! Its the men's 400 IM at from Ultraswim! Aren't the two fastest swimmers in this event ever at the meet? I almost feel like they are trying to make sure me, David Rieder and Garrett are the only people watching the webcast.

Wacky things happen at a mid-season meet when almost no one is tapered. Like the men's 100 breast, where Eric Shanteau blew a body length past Mark Gangloff on a pullout, seemingly had the race in hand until a hard charging Vlad Polyakov pulled up even and then completely fell apart the last ten meters. It was as confusing as it sounds.


I thought for sure that Michael Phelps had loafted the 200 free prelim in the morning. Turns out not so much, as he turned in a 6th place finish in the final. Is he going to (gasp!) lose the 200 fly tonight? Yes! (dodges lightning bolt)

How anti-climactic will this 50 free be if Josh Schneider wins it? Looks like I'm cheering for Nick Brunelli.

Is David Plummer going to whup Ryan Lochte and co.  in the 100 back or am I just dreaming that?

Dominik Meichtry- by far, the best Swiss swimmer at the entire meet.


  1. I hate to say it, but the Grand Prix series makes me miss tech. Mid-season is just confusing for fans. Tech at least made everyone race ready no matter how tired they were. It is hard to watch our studs so far off, even though I know it should be considered normal. I feel like maybe we were spoiled a little and it is taking way too long to adjust I guess.
    With all that said, watching Soni and Hardy makes me forget tech ever went away. They are rocking! And the swim-off, as mike pointed out, can maybe teach us a lesson about how to make mid-season meets matter or at least be more entertaining.
    good stuff. Keep it up. Wish I was there!

  2. Seriously! One of the best parts of Tech suits was that every grand prix/mare nostrum/world cup could have a world record because they were instant taper for a lot of swimmers. BRING BACK THE JAKED

  3. Remember the "All Drug Olympics" on SNL? What about a swim meet - "All Suit Olympics." Any suit, any style, any way, any where.

  4. Why don't all you whiners stop with the tech suit envy. They weren't good for the sport,except for some masters swimmers who wanted to artificially relive past glory. Let it go.