Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week In: The Swim Brief

"I love a good pair of briefs"
On "This Week in the Swim Brief" we offer you a rewind of the best our blog had to offer in the past week. It's a chance to catch up if you've been away or are just joining us. It's also a chance for us to to look back and take another look at what we wrote and whether its still relevant. Enjoy:

Last weekend, Chris DeSantis went to San Diego for the College Swim Coaches Association of America conference. Like going to a coaching conference but can't stand sitting through all the talks? Chris has got you covered. For recaps of the best from the conference, click here  

On Sunday, the town where the The Screaming Viking makes his home, Joplin, Missouri, was devastated by a tornado. The Viking has been understandably taking a break from blogging and working on more important things like rebuilding his town. To read more about the tornado and how you can help, click here

On Wednesday, The Swim Brief was visited by another guest blogger, Tom Duke. Duke checked in with some vitriol that all but guaranteed we won't be the most popular swim blog in China. Thanks a lot Tom.

On Thursday, we had some vintage Mike Gustafson, as he described the mental machinations of anybody swimming the 200 fly. The blog would have been made much better with actual footage of Gus swimming a 200 fly. Maybe next week?

At the end of the week, we watch with rapt attention as blogger Tony Austin goes toe to toe with ASCA Executive Director John Leonard. Tony promises more updates on Tuesday and quite frankly we can't get enough.

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