Friday, April 30, 2010

Dave Denniston

After spending the last two weeks making sure I am on the “black list” to keep me from ever landing a college coaching job, I want to put out something that will bring on a little less friction. :)

I just happened to run into Dave Denniston at one of his stops on the Fitter and Faster tour. I can't say enough about how friendly this guy is. We talked a little about a mutual friend who swam with him at Auburn and with me in Alaska before I turned the camera on. I have to say that Dave is hilarious, and you will see a little of that here, when he fills us in on the tour and some of the other important things he is doing for the sport of swimming.


  1. I got to listen to Dave speak in San Diego two years back in a room of 25 people.
    The message he delivers is awesome. If you ever get to talk to him, make sure you do....and if you have a chance to bring him into your club team;DO IT!

  2. DAVO!!! How lucky to just happen to show up while that crew was there. very cool.

  3. Dave seems like a great guy and I hope he is part of it if my club ever books a fitter and faster date.

    I got lucky that same day with another interview totally unrelated to the fitter and faster tour as well. some of you swim geeks might be pleasantly surprised when I post on Monday.