Friday, April 23, 2010

Keep the discussion moving!

Sorry for the delay on the regional system post. It might have to wait until after the weekend. If I get a chance to finish it, I will post. To keep the discussion chugging along, be sure to tune in to Split Time on SwimmingWorld.TV this weekend. Garrett skyped me to talk about the issues. It does not go into as much detail as the comments have here, but hopefully it will bring more people in on the discussion and we will hear more great ideas. I really feel that getting everyone's thoughts out there is an important thing. Keep the ideas coming.

Also, Garrett McCaffrey, Mike Gustafson and Chris DeSantis might invite me in as a guest swim-geek on their weekly podcast "The Swim Brief" to do more of the same. Check out last week's inaugural episode here. No promises that I will be on the show, but I think they are gonna touch on the D1 meet topic either way.

While I am posting this, I have to include the link to the Swimming World's write up of the controversy at the ASA U National meet. Please go there and read the comments. It is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I read it and immediately started thinking that this would make a great "Bad News Bears meets Major League" style swimming movie. I am hoping that someday the swim-nerds all get together and take this on as a project. I think that this could be the beginning of something really fun in the future. I have been boo'd at a swim meet before. Long story involving the "Cinci, Cinci, Cincinnati Parents!" (Do the parents for the Cinci team still do a cheer in the bleachers?) Anyway, I felt like a movie star that day. The ASA U meet sounds like it took that to a whole new level. Maybe next year they will settle their differences in the parking lot after they duke it out in the pool. :)

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  1. ASA U is a disgrace. This isn't the first time Bridger the Keither Bell have tried silencing the critics. A few years ago at least one of the teams did try to create a separate organization and werer threatened with a lawsuit by the Bells.