Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hooray for random strangers with a sense of humor!

I am taking a little break from the hot discussion to inject a little humor.

Ever since I bought the first Tenacious D album, I have started messing with the drive-thru workers when I get fast food. Not in a mean way; just for fun. Sometimes they play along, sometimes they don't. Once at Hardee's the lady asked me if I wanted some kind of Monster Burger, and I told her NO because I was "trying to watch my figure." She went into a list of all of the diets she has tried and gave me tips on what ones to avoid, and all sorts of stuff for a few minutes before I got my food. Way too much information. Sometimes it backfires, but it is all in fun.

Below is the conversation I had the last time I went to Burger King:

DRIVE THRU LADY: Would you like to try a breakfast bowl today?

SCREAMING VIKING!: Uh... I don't know. Will my health insurance still cover me if I eat something like that?

DTL: Well, sure sweetie! It's yummy and that is all the insurance companies really care about!

SV!: You sold me!

DTL: What else would you like? Some biscuits and gravy? A croissant?

SV!: I think I want a croissant combo with a large coffee.

DTL: Do you want ham, sausage or bacon on that croissant?

SV!: Well, me and some of the guys at work are in a race to see who can get their cholesterol the highest by summer. I guess I should go with bacon, eh?

DTL: Sure, bacon is a good bet! While you're at it, why don't you get some cini-mini's?

SV!: Nah... I think that would be cheating.

DTL: ha! Please pull around and I will have your total at the window!

*When she handed me my food, she said, "I just know you are gonna win that cholesterol contest, honey. Good luck!"

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