Sunday, April 25, 2010

I missed my chance to be on The Swim Brief!

So… I didn’t make it on the Swim Brief pod cast the other night, (my bad,) but I at least got confirmation that Chris, Mike and Garrett talked about the “conference champs with B cuts” idea. I haven’t heard it yet, but it will be up in the next couple of days at The Athlete Village and on itunes. I was a little bummed that I missed it because I was excited all day about having my chance to pretend I was in the same room as some of the smartest guys in swimming. I had even prepared an awesome rant for them. I rehearsed while I was driving to my meeting. I am pretty sure I would have nailed it. As soon as they brought up the topic of changing the D1 selection system, I was gonna say this:

“Here is what the problem boils down to, guys. The fact is, the mid-majors work harder than everyone else! Everyone knows they are better looking than everyone else! In my opinion, they deserve a free pass to the Division 1 meet! We oughtta be flying all those mid-major kids out there and putting ‘em up on the medal stand and taking pictures. We should be buying them medals and flowers and having a gigantic parade. Hell, we should get their girlfriends out there too and send them on a shopping spree because that is what you do for people when they're that awesome.

The mid-majors are bad-asses and it is time all the big schools learned to face their fears and come to terms with it. What in the hell are they so scared of, huh? Come on, Gregg Troy! Come on, Eddie Reese! You know it’s true! You know that if Fat Jack and his Bad News Bears show up, they are gonna raid your pic-a-nic basket and eat your damn lunch! Deal with it and change the damn system already!”

No, really. I would have nailed it. I was even gonna slam my fist on the table, and maybe start talking about myself in the third person, Craig Lord style. Hells ya. I was ready.

Please realize it’s a joke, big guys. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s all in fun. But you know, if Eddie Reese calls Jack and sets up a dual because I threw down the gauntlet... well, I hope they have it in Springfield so I can head over there and watch. :)


  1. Mid-Majors ARE bad-asses. Not sure many other athletes at NCAAs are trained killers. GO NAVY! :)