Monday, April 23, 2012

The New Chief of the Missouri State Bears: Dave Collins

This Bear means business.

This weekend at the long course meet in Fayetteville it was a treat to see my good friend Dave Collins.  It was the first time I had run into him since the announcement was made that he had been named Head Coach of my alma mater, the Missouri State Bears.  The Bears' long time Coach Jack Steck retired in December and left Dave in the perfect position to prove himself as he closed out the season in the Interim Head Coach position.

Once the season was over and MSU moved on to their national search for a new leader for the men's and women's teams, Dave spent a while in limbo... unable to move on recruiting and not knowing whether he needed to start looking for a new career path.

Dave was nice enough to let me stick a camera in his face to let us all know how it's going.  I just have to say to those who have to face the Bears next season, watch out... Dave's got plans and he is moving on them like a horse busting through the gates.


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