Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custom Caps Have Not Yet Been Utilized to Their Potential

I was walking past the swim shop on deck at our last meet and Michael's goofy grin caught my eye.  I knew then and there, I just had to buy this cap and have his face plastered on both sides of my head.   Then it occurred to me: "How weird would it be to race breaststroke and see that face on the side of a cap looking at you on every breath?"

And then I thought:  "Wouldn't it be weird if Ryan Lochte bought this cap and started wearing it at the big meets where he races Michael?"  How surreal would it be for Michael to have his own face staring him down behind the blocks from the side of his rival's head?  That's some serious, Swedish existentialist film festival level sports psychology there.  Michael might be the only international level swimmer who has never been psyched out in the ready room by that stare.  What if everyone in every final wore it and he cracked under the pressure of his own intimidation factor being turned against him?

And then I thought, "yeah... I need to buy it so when I am swimming practice with the kids in the morning I can freak them out during the kick sets by having Michael and his goofy grin staring at them as I kick in the next lane."   Even better...  I could swim around under water and any time I see someone slacking I could pop up from behind the lane rope and and lecture them using Michael's face to give my words that much more weight.  Think about it:  Trolling in the name of making my team better.

Maybe this face would motivate 'em!  Or does the mustache take it too far into creepyville?
(Just kidding, Mark!  We love you and your 'stache!)

And then I had to ask "how much would it cost to put my face on a cap like that?"  Then I could make it our "team practice cap" and the kids would be surrounded by ME all the time!  I could simultaneously follow alongside all of them at once.  Hells, yeah!  Totally worth the money!

This is how I coach most of my practices anyway... the caps would just help me reach a lot more kids.

 You know you would kick faster in an environment like that!  Time to order me some caps!  email me if you wanna buy one to help motivate your team!

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  1. Oh, Gus... If I were going to trials I would shell out the cash to make one of those big heads for sure. Even better, I might be a combination of him and the Duke Speedo Guy

    remember him? what a hero.