Monday, December 20, 2010

What a Great Weekend to be a Swim Nerd!

This weekend was kind of a thrill.  I played fantasy swimming for the first time through Podium Pursuit and I absolutely loved it.  I got fourth overall, so I was one spot out of the prizes, but I did win one event, and I scored pretty high overall considering I didn't suit up my team until after two days of the meet.  That means that even events like the 50 free on day 3 didn't have the advantage of being suited up because I didn't pitch in my $10 until after the prelim had already been swum.  In a couple of events I am pretty sure I would have won if we were suited.  I guessed Gold and Bronze for the mens' 100  breast and still lost to guys who only had one place right.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

If all of that confuses you, learn more about it here.

I also didn't get to go to either of the meets that my swimmers were in this weekend.  My high school girls were at a SCM meet while I was at my wife's graduation, so I got text messages all night about their swims (and their behavior, of course.)  My club swimmers, including a few of my high school girls, also swam at the Chesapeake Elite Pro-Am in Oklahoma City.  I not only got text messages about that one, but I got to pull up splits on the Live Results app and I also got to watch a little through the Knocking Live Video app.  It actually works from Android to iPhone!  The club had one boy make his first NCSA Junior National cuts in the 50 free and 100 fly, I had one of my high school girls hit 53 for the first time in the 100 free, and we had a 14 year old boy turn in a 59 in the 100 breast on a relay!  I no longer coach the club, but I still serve as the Chief Operating Officer and I still have an emotional investment into how the club I started is developing.  Our new club coach Eduardo Pajares is doing a great job.  I really think that we do a very good job of cooperating between high school and club swimming, without sacrificing quality training and long term goals.  We are helping our swimmers to get the best of both worlds, and I have to thank the MSHSAA for allowing the exception for swimming that allows us to pursue excellence in both leagues simultaneously. 

And speaking of doing a great job, I think the one guy who probably nerded it up better than I did this weekend was David "King of the Swim Geeks" Rieder who not only took second in the Podium Pursuit picking for Short Course Worlds, but also helped Garrett McCaffrey with the coverage of the TYR Capital Classic for Swimming World TV.  I am jealous. 

How did you nerd it up this weekend?

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  1. Not gonna lie, I was upset when I saw the final tally last night, and I had come in second. I had been doing my picks the night before, but on Saturday, I was socializing with some in our sport, and I missed the deadline to submit my last day picks. I might not have dominated, but I would have gotten the necessary six points. Next time!

    Also, since Swimming World generously covered all expenses and took great care of me this weekend (I owe Garrett and Brent a lot), I don't believe I can accept prizes. Yes, Mr. Viking, that would put YOU into third place. We'll see what the official verdict is. Gonna ask around.

    Oh, and Garrett says to tell the Screaming Viking hi.