Monday, December 20, 2010

Why bother with doing it right? Just do it FAST!

This weekend, when one of our club swimmers made his junior cut in the 100 fly at the pro-am, I got a text from one of our former coaches who was there to see it.  She said it was a great swim "for him, in that tasmanian devil sort of way."  My reply was "yeah, did he even bother to touch all four walls this time?"

This kid has the hand speed of Mercury.  He is a super talent, a sprinter to the core, and fun to have in practice, but he is so athletic that he doesn't feel he needs to mess with learning things like proper turns and streamlines.  Why bother making them look pretty, right?  To see what I mean about this kid, watch him bring home the freestyle for the Jasper County relay in lane 4 on the 200 MR at the Pro-Am last year (I think he dislocated his elbow at the finish): 

Haven't you ever had a swim where you were flying so fast that you just didn't want to bother with the turns?  Or maybe where you got frustrated at the first turn and swam angry through the rest of the race?  We've all been there, right?  That is what I thought of when I saw this video. I hope this kid's coach can do some Sith training with him and channel his anger into some dark-side-of-the-force kind of power.  Know what I'm sayin'?  Ha!


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  1. sweet, the runner should have just tackled a few of his opponents. He seems to have the will to win! i think he might be on to a new method. is there any rules for not jumping the hurdles? skiers just go right through the gates, so why not?