Friday, December 10, 2010

Go Lance!

I was always kinda impressed with him winning all those Tour De France titles, and the whole overcoming cancer thing, but this... this impresses me way more.

(forward to 2:34 on the vid)

Could you imagine lining up behind the blocks for the mile in the 35-39 age group at Masters Nats and realizing that the Lance Armstrong you saw in the heat sheet was actually THIS Lance Armstrong?

Yeah, I would probably pee in my speedo too, which would make getting lapped that much more embarrassing.

This might be the guiltiest I have ever felt for not finding time to work out. Ugh.


  1. Get the !#%@ out of here!!! I truly feel pathetic now, a little inspired, but mostly pathetic... I want to see footage of this practice, those are impressive splits for a cyclists in 5200 yard practice!

  2. did he at least throw up. someone should have told him that everybody can do that any old time. The guy is such a show off!! :)