Friday, September 18, 2009

Marvel All Over the Place

Marvel is on my mind lately. I just keep running into their stuff. Maybe it is some kind of sign. First there was the news about the Disney buyout. If you google image search about it, you will see that the comic blogging world is abuzz, and there are a lot of geeks out there with photoshop skills making some pretty high quality commentary, not all of it positive.

Then Maxim put out an awesome
article on the 70 year history of the company. Then Slate puts out this amazing vid of my dream job, working in the bullpen of the House of Ideas:

Then gives us a taste of their new pursuit: Motion Comics. I downloaded some of the Watchmen motion comics from itunes and I have to say that it was awesome to be able to have comics on my ipod. Marvel has entered the fray with guns blazing in a new Spider-Woman series by my favorite creative team, Bendis and Maleev. Don't get me started about their run on Daredevil a few years ago. I won't shut up.

Check out the trailer in the post below.
The first issue is free at this link. The rest you can buy from itunes.

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