Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sometimes I should probably just keep my mouth shut, right?

If you were a floswimming fan back in the day you might get a kick out of this one. Garrett McCaffrey interviewed the Diver of the Year at the USAS convention a few days ago, and made a little goof at the end of it. No big deal, but Eric from the Kast-Away blog caught it and posted this comment:

Oh no! I love the coverage of diving and the interview with Troy Dumais.. but Garrett - you fudged the sign-off!
'Troy Dumais, 2009 Swimmer of the Year" haha I'm sure you realized it right after you said it too.

So, me... I had to use it as a chance to bash floswimming. I posted this:

yeah... I caught that too. I think Swimming World TV should fire Garrett. All the cool websites are doing it. It makes for a really solid business plan. I heard floswimming is now a huge success because they had so many awesome people to choose from when their offices were flooded with applications to fill his spot. They saved so much money on the deal, it was like switching to Geico.

I quickly got into a chat with Jason at Swimming World TV, and we agreed that it should probably be taken down. Swimming World TV doesn't need to get in the middle of all that. I probably need to keep my inner smart-ass in check if I am going to post there. I really don't have hard feelings toward flo, so I should probably lay off.

I hope you all can appreciate the humor in all of it!


  1. i think it shows how over-rated he is, wonder how long he will last before he is tossed, his record at flo swim and swim pulse seem to point to pretty quick...maybe one day he will learn to park his ego until he has his own place

  2. I think Garrett is doing a great job at swtv, and this post was not meant to bash him. I hope no one is reading it that way.

  3. Mark from flocasts, I assume that is you behind the Anonymous mask, no need to be bitter.

    SWTV is already doing a great job with Garrett AND everyone else involved on interviews. Can't wait until the website and videos really starts floing and becomes better than what was the best place for swimming information.

  4. Viking, not sure if you could help, but i started a blog to chronicle my groups swimming workouts for the year, plus post all the workouts I wrote in the past. If you get time, please check it out and give me any feedback. Thanks,