Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eat Like Champions

I strongly recommend that every coach carry a video camera around to meets with them. Besides the inherent value of being able to film races and dives, it is just plain fun to goof around and post things like this on your team website.


  1. Blogger does not like movies that are more than 400 pixels wide. When you embed a movie, click the Edit the HTML" setting and change the sizes in two places so it fits.

    To scale this particular movie down proportionally make these changes in two places:

    change the size in the HTML where it says "width="560" height="340" to

    "width="400" height="243"

    This way the movie will fit in the right space and not cover your content. :-)

  2. yeah, I actually clicked the wrong size selection on youtube and just haven't had time to fix it.

  3. I just edit the HTML so I can get the same clarity without compromising for a lower rez. But I am overly persnickety