Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swim Photo Captions: Passed Out in the Pool

Your Swim Brief crew is trying to come up with some recurring features that will hopefully draw in some interaction with our readers. That is why we are here after all-- to build a community of friends who love to talk swimming.  Every week or so, we email a swim related picture amongst ourselves to come up with some funny captions. Then, we challenge you to come up with some that are better.

Please help us put a caption here.  This guy is just asking for it.

"John Leonard invites you to attend the ASCA Convention 2011!"

"The current literal and metaphorical state of NCAA Men's swimming."

“my coach likes to combine cool down, carb loading and social life to save time.”

Come on, guys!  Can you give us a better caption?  Please give it a shot below!


  1. Much like Tosh.O, I like the idea. Let us think about it, because you three already took out the top three themes (4 counting the knock on CD)..

  2. July 17, 2017

    Craig Lord the day FINA brings back the shiny suit. The end of an era in eloquently written and overly verbose swimming articles... RIP Craig

  3. Bobbing for beers

  4. It was that patented unlucky 13th beer. One more or one less, he would have been fine.

  5. This is how the warm down pool would look if I was hosting a meet

  6. It was a great Alumni meet!