Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NCAA and NASCAR... two great money makers that go great together.

Way back when the Arizona State swimming and wrestling programs were cut a couple of years ago, I posted one of my very first blogs at SwimNetwork.  I wish I could find a link to it because I do not have it saved anywhere.  (I asked the SwimNetwork editor to help me track it down but he said it was probably lost in the transition away from WMG.)  In it, I cut and pasted a whole bunch of comments from one of the articles at AZCentral where people were bashing non-revenue sports and pretty much confirming that there are a whole bunch of morons out there who think college sports should only consist of football, baseball and men's basketball...  the ones that supposedly "make money."  One guy even told us swimmers to go to the local pool and do belly flops without expecting a free government handout if we want to swim so badly.  

In that blog post I made a prediction:  that in 10 years the NCAA would stop pretending they care about athletic/academic ideals and allow non-revenue sports to die, they would trade traditional wrestling for WWE-style action, and that the big conferences would move on to even bigger revenue sports like NASCAR.

So, you have to imagine the terror I felt when I saw a picture of the car Michael Waltrip is racing next weekend: 

Granted, this car was designed to celebrate his alma mater's football national championship last year, but still... does no one else fear that this could be the beginning of a really dangerous relationship?


  1. Cam Newton's father asked for 200k to put a sticker of his son's face on a front fender. He pulled the offer when somebody else offered 201k.

    I'm gonna get my coaching uniform sponsored by every local business i can find and wear as many patches on my coaching polo. I'm thinking jumpsuit covered in patches like a mechanic.

  2. yeah... I am surprised that college football and basketball uniforms haven't already gone to that.

    that is actually where I thought tech suits would end up in a few years at FINA meets.

  3. this is recruiting. if we cant put stuff for camps in swim mags. they should not be able to put schools on NASCAR. This is going to get very sour. Pure greed.

  4. Genious!!!
    USS should sponsor a car

  5. I hope the NCAA picks up NASCAR. Can you imagine how many non-revenue sports they'd be able to fund???