Friday, April 22, 2011

Be sure to "friend" The Swim Brief

The Swim Brief:  Uh...  "making a big splash?"  "splashing onto the scene?"  awww, forget it.  We just want our mascot to be a fat guy in a brief. 
Some of you might have noticed that I recently started posting at The Swim Brief.  It is (so far) a collaboration with Chris DeSantis and Mike Gustafson, and I am excited to be a part of it.  I am looking forward to being part of a team that will be able to bring regular content on all things swimming.  I am mostly excited about the prospect of getting a rocking string of comments going on every topic out there.  Please help us to get people talking.  That is why we take the time to write this stuff.  We want to interact with you!

I plan to continue to post things here.  Some of the things I post here might not be on The Swim Brief, and other things might... so please keep checking in here and definitely tune in there. When you visit The Swim Brief, you will see that we already have it set up for you to follow us through Google and by "liking" us on facebook.  Please spread the word by suggesting your friends "like" us, and support us in our new venture into the world of swim blogging.

See ya there!


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  2. I'm happy to spread the word & join you on FB!
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  3. Looks like that guy really likes swimming, perhaps he need some sporty training swimmers from slix

  4. Great blog and bookmarked the link to share with others also. Swimming is great cardio exercise which increase energy level and acrobatic capacity. Swimming tone muscles, increase strength and makes heart and lungs strong.

  5. swim brief has died. come back and scream at us.

    1. awww... thanks for inviting me back to my blog. I haven't given up on the brief yet. Gus and Lisa seem to have moved on and Chris and I are just busy, but we still post when inspired.

      Maybe some day I will start posting here again, but at the Brief I have always felt I am doing less screaming into the void.