Friday, February 12, 2010

Sarah Sjostrom on MSS

The world record holder and world champ in the 100 fly was on the Morning Swim Show this morning and it was kind of a fun interview. I think the best part about the MSS is that it helps us get to know these great swimmers in a way that we have never been able to before. Swimming's personalities get to shine, and if we are ever going to reach new heights in popularity that is the only logical place to start.

With Sarah Sjolstrom's interview, it was refreshing to know that she is just a pretty average 16 year old. This is the girl who broke Inge DeBruin's world record, and she is just as much of a mall-rat space case as every other girl I coach who is nowhere near as fast!

When Peter Busch said something about her seeming nervous, she said "my English is not the best, but I try as good as I can." I think she did pretty well. At one point she said her friends think she is a "retard for not swimming the 200 fly." When asked what she would reply if Michael Phelps sent her a text message, she said "Oh My God!"

Sarah, you would fit right in on my American high school team. If you want me to get the ball rolling on all that foreign exchange paperwork, just let me know!

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