Friday, February 19, 2010

Brad Hamman: All Guns Blazing

So, the Missouri Girls' High School meet prelims have concluded. It has been a big day for Missouri swimming. We have inducted our first coach into the newly formed MISCA Hall of Fame. The team race is on fire for the top 3 spots. The depth is crazy and the finishes that determined 9th and 17th were close all the way across the board. Triumph and tragedy! Crying and cheering!

... and being the sorry excuse for a blogger that I am, all I can bring you is a link to prelim results and an interview where I am having fun picking on one of the officials.

Man, I suck at this.

Brad referee's my home meets. We swam together in college. I feel I have the right to rib him a little. Gotta give him props for playing along!


  1. Great video!
    Hamman at his best. God bless officials.

  2. This is a crackup! Nice to see that the officials have a sense of humor up in Missouri!

  3. I know this is a random comment, but I had the protest of protests this past weekend with the officials at our YMCA Cluster Championship meet over an 8 and under swimmer! Yeah...that's right...and 8 and under!

    And guess what....I won!

    Great video!