Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Weak Attempt at Calling Me Out?!

Someone posted this comment to rub Drury's win over my alma mater this week in my face, and while I welcome it as all in fun, I can't help but acknowledge it with a response.
The comment:
Anonymous said...

"can't help but notice your lack of posting on the stomping your former school took this past weekend. Especially considering your post on the initial match up at the beginning of the season."

Ummm... do you mean the post I made when the dual between them wasn't even close the first time around this fall?

Oh yeah. I didn't post anything on that one.

When I saw the comment I was a little confused. I had to look it up on the web to see what meet the commenter was talking about. I didn't even know the dual had taken place. I went to Springfield last Saturday to watch my Bears dominate their conference rival SIU... but I didn't report on that either.

I am not a reporter. I have no obligation to report anything. I am happy to talk meet results when I have something to say, but please don't act like I have a duty to behave within the rules of a journalist. I am certainly not one of those.

I posted on the Show-Me Show down and professed my love for the Bears, but anyone who knows me knows that I am a Drury superfan too. I have sent several athletes there. I currently have one of my former swimmers on their roster and I have another one considering it as a top 3 choice. I've had some great friends who were Panthers and I am quick to acknowledge that there are a lot of years where they could handle most of the teams in Division 1. Does anyone remember their group in '99 beating Indiana?

Rivalries are fun. The rivalries between Missouri State, Drury, Southern Illinois and even Mizzou are more amazing because they are usually close and often involve the trade-off where whoever wins the first match-up of the year sure isn't just handed the second one. Any of those teams, on any given day, can swim inspired and take any other.

I wish I had been at the Drury/MSU dual this week. (Of course, I probably would have been wearing an MSU t-shirt even though I also own three Drury shirts.) It sounds about as exciting as they get. The battle came down to the last relay with a lot of tight finishes along the way. Isn't that what college duals are supposed to be about?

Thanks for the comment, Mr. Anonymous. Maybe we can talk college swimming on deck at a meet someday. Of course, if I don't know who you are, we probably won't.


  1. Hey,

    No comment about the Millard Aquatic Club Winter Blast in Omaha, NE? No coverage of my swimmers that won several events and posted best times in an LSC you don't even live in and analysis of results that are even posted yet?

    Some "swimming enthusiast" you turned out to be!

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