Thursday, January 21, 2010

GoSwim Video Evaluation Service!

Not only did recently launch the best swimming iphone app ever a few weeks ago... they also just started promoting their VIDEO EVALUATION SERVICE.
These guys are rockin'. Glenn Mills and crew are really finding ways to use the internet to get swimmers swimming faster. I am so glad they are not wasting their time doing something ridiculous and unproductive like blogging.
I can't wait to send in my own video some day. Of course, the first thing they are gonna tell me is to lose about 30 pounds and shave off the belly hair. But hey, if I am gonna pay for their service, I want brutal honesty. :)


  1. Until I lose the 20 I have to lose... NO evals will contain comments on body type. ;)

    Thanks for the post... very cool to see.

  2. can't help but notice your lack of posting on the stomping your former school took this past weekend. Especially considering your post on the initial match up at the beginning of the season.

  3. ...all in good fun. i enjoy reading your posts

  4. Coach Reynolds?! Is that you? It's great to know you are a Viking fan!

  5. Man! I had this idea months ago! I even posted it on a swim forum so that people would start sending me videos! Laaaaame!