Monday, January 11, 2010

Is That a Hookah Behind You?

This will prove to be a classic moment in Morning Swim Show history. About eleven minutes into this video, Peter Busch says to Cesar Cielo, "I just have to ask... is that a hookah pipe behind you?"

The embarrassed look on Cesar's face is priceless, but it doesn't end there. How many people have the nuggets to point the finger at their PARENTS when confronted about drug paraphernalia!? He is gonna be soooo grounded!

I know that hookah's aren't illegal and the whole tobacco bar thing is really popular right now, but come on... you gotta admit this is pretty darn funny. Especially when Peter says "we were just curious, ya know, maybe that's the secret."

Don't just skip to the end. This is a really great interview with the guy who just broke the world record in the 50 LCM freestyle.

1 comment:

  1. To the contrary, I thought it WAS a great interview until he brought that up. How many of us watching that even noticed it until Petey boy pointed it out. Sure it's legal, sure it is in a random part of his parents house, but the interview took an incredibly awkward turn for the worse. It's a good thing only all 7 of the SWM followers saw this and mainstream media doesn't see & run with the story that now two Olympic Stars are pictured with smoking paraphernalia. The vultures can and will circle on crap like this.

    Maybe it was the way he asked and how much of knob he sounded like when he asked, Is that hooka? The double take by Cesar was amusing, but the interview ended on that incredibly awkward note.

    I get on that show, there is going to be a stripper pole behind me. Yes Peter, that is where I get all my great ideas from. Candy, she is an exercise phys grad student. She has a way systems??