Monday, February 4, 2013

DeSantis Relocating to Accept Head Blogger Position at Danish Swimming Website

The Viking is just jealous because in Denmark Chris will get to wear cool Nordic armor like this to work every day.

February 4, 2013

Atlanta, GA-- After three seasons as Editor in Chief at the successful website The Swim Brief, Chris DeSantis has accepted a job overseas as the lead blogger for the Danish Swimming website Svimyingk.

DeSantis, who first rose to fame with the legendary Floswimming, has been at the helm of The Swim Brief since March of 2011.  The new position offers a 10,000 percent raise from his former pay at the ad-free website where his salary consisted of once getting offered a beer by some guy who reads the blog.  His most notable successes include his never ending antagonism of the Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association, having coffee with USA Swimming CEO Chuck Wielgus without punching him in the face, educating the masses about the Faroe Islands, having his picture taken with journalist Craig Lord, and making Braden Keith from feel bad for writing about NAG Record Holder Michael Andrew all the damn time.

Fans of The Swim Brief know Chris, affectionately nicknamed "little dickbag" by fellow blogger Lisa Stephens, as the voice of reason amongst the Swim Brief Crew. He is credited with keeping the group together through troubled times, like when the Viking decided to “go all Yoko Ono and say a bunch of stupid shit that made everybody mad at each other.”

This move brings DeSantis to his ancestral home base of Denmark, where he has already developed connections with elite members of their coaching community.  Having written so many nice things about them, he has been guaranteed priority access to gather the best media for fans of Danish swimming worldwide.  Access has has been an issue for DeSantis throughout his career in the American media since he began helping Garrett McCaffrey in 2008 to get video coverage of swim meets for and ran afoul of USA Swimming’s strict guidelines.

DeSantis says he plans to coach a little on the side and to continue posting articles at The Swim Brief about as often as Gus does, but will only post in Danish just to annoy people.


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  1. I have never met a person before Chris who was "affectionately" nicknamed dickbag. Sir, its been an honor.