Wednesday, August 12, 2009

High School Suits and MSU's New Conference

I am not quite sure how it all works, but the high schools decided to ban suits and apparently the states each get to decide if they are going along with the decision...?! After the announcement was made, our advisory committee rep sent out an email asking for input about what Missouri should do. According to the Texas Swimming Blog, they have decided to play along. I am sure Missouri will too, although I know a few of the coaches on the advisory committee who really liked the suits. I guess we shall see.

In other big news, mid-major division 1 swimming just went through a major overhaul when Missouri State, Southern Illinois and Evansville (the former Missouri Valley Conference teams) announced they are leaving the Sunbelt to join the MAC. Last year, the MAC and Sunbelt swam the same championship, but scored out separately, which I have to admit was strange. It is good that the two are split again. I guess the only thing that makes me sad about it is that Denver and Western Kentucky had become such great rivals for my MSU Bears. Also, with former MSU assistant Randy Horner heading New Orleans in their reinstatement and return to their home pool, they added something special to the Sun Belt as an up-and-coming powerhouse and potential rival for Jack Steck's Bears Squad. Randy is a hell of a recruiter and I see great things in their future.

Oh well... I think this will end up being a good move for both conferences. I really felt that the wierd, two conference scoring last year helped my Bears get beat by Denver. No hard feelings though. Both teams swam out of their mind fast. If you don't follow the mid-majors much, you really need to check out last year's results. It was a great meet, and it looks like it will now go back to being two great meets.


  1. I just glad the MAC is still around, it makes my MAC Champ ring a little more meaningful.... ooooh snap!

    Miami University (OH) Class of '06

  2. Okalhoma is going back to the basics. if anyone cares about ok swimming.

  3. So - what happens with DU? What do they have for a championship meet?

  4. they stay in the sunbelt. it will still be intact and strong as far as I have heard.