Friday, January 23, 2015

A Pretty Awesome Morning Workout

I guess this will officially be my first training log post.  This morning was a pretty standard workout for me, but certainly outlines the way I have been making progress in my training.  Here's what I did with my team:

-10x75 on 1:30 easy free and breast drills, but mixing in speed-play to wake up the sprint.
-30x25 on 30 breaststroke in USRPT format.
-3 min. rest
-100 fast breaststroke from push.

My team went ahead and did another set after that, which was USRPT format for the 200 fly, but I don't plan to ever race that so I was done with my entire practice in about 30 minutes.

Today was significant because it was only the third time I have ever completed 30x25 at 100 breast pace without any fails.  Until last week, I had never made it past fourteen before my first fail and had never made it to thirty intervals before failing out with three.  Often my first fail would be right after the freebies were done, which on a set of 25's at 100 pace would be #7.  I am not sure why I have suddenly made this improvement.  As I said in yesterday's post, I took a couple of weeks off after the pro-am and expected to have to spend some time getting back into the groove.  I feel as though there was absolutely no de-training effect at all, which is strange since it is accepted science that it takes approximately four weeks to make up for one week of lost training.

Another thing that made today significant:  I pushed a 1:03 mid on that 100 breast for the first time.  When I started adding this randomly to my routine it was for curiosity's sake, and I started with a 1:07.  I have gradually worked my way down, and usually my best times on it were done if I got to swim during an afternoon.  I rocked this morning.

For any readers out there who want to follow along with my training in more detail, it is easy to do.  I have logged every workout (running and swimming) for over a year in Runkeeper, and all of my meals in MyFitnessPal.  The two apps sync together to make calorie counting easier.  It is very handy.

If you become my friend on those apps you can see more about my habits than I am usually willing to share.  I started using those apps to regulate the diet as I made the transition to LCHF, and now I do it to make sure I eat enough and to keep me within the rules of my comeback.  I want to be able to show that I really did improve my swimming with my LCHF meal plan and comparatively minimal training.

This afternoon I will have one of those rare opportunities to get in the water again.  Two workouts in a day is rare, but when I have a chance I take advantage of it.  Usually it is to re-do a USRPT set that I wasn't happy with in the morning since I tend to get really pissed about it when I under-perform because I don't like wasting my time, but today I am not sure what I am going to do just yet-- and if something comes up that keeps me out of the water, it is no big deal.

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