Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Could the PAC-12 TV Deal Bring Back Husky Swimming?

Do they have a chance to get back in the race?
I just wanted to point out a link today from the Seattle PI in which the author, who plainly states that he doesn't give a rip about swimming, speaks up to support bringing our beloved Husky swim programs back.  He states that since the University of Washington blamed hard financial times as the culprit forcing them to cut the mens and womens swimming programs for a whopping 1.2 million in savings, they really don't have any reason to not bring them back.  They just landed a sweet tv deal in which they will bring in about 12 million annually over what they previously received.

From the article:

"So, I understand why Woodward killed the swimming program in 2009, but now? Now that they are knee-deep in greenbacks because of someone else’s business acumen (read: the aforementioned Larry Scott) it would be embarrassing for the UW if they continued to ignore their castaway. It not only would appear greedy, it would simply be an overt gesture of greed.
If the excuse for killing the program before was lack of funds, what’s the excuse now?"

Amen brother!!  The only problem is, the author probably isn't aware of the history there.  Admin had been trying to kill swimming at UW for decades and finally had a financial crisis to fall back on as an excuse.  I would do anything to see the Huskies back in the water, but I really worry that the thought won't even occur to them.  Maybe now is the time for the swim community to rally and make them aware that we know the money problems are gone and this wrong should be made right.

Don't forget, the Husky Swimming Foundation is still fighting the good fight.  Let them know you still care by making a donation or supporting their events.



  1. The sad answer is, probably not. Just like Illinois and new B1G member Nebraska will not bring back men's swimming (even though they get 24+ million a year through the Big Ten Network) neither will Washington, or UCLA, for that matter.

  2. As an Alaskan, living in Anchorage (a suburb of Seattle) I hope the program comes back. The program would serve the Pacific Northwest well.

  3. suburb of seattle... haha. we felt that way in petersburg too. We even headed to Seattle when we needed to buy a car.

  4. I believe, if you want a NW D1 mens and womens swimming team Seattle still has Pacific University. UW sucks. they are swim haters. I cant help but offer such harsh feelings towards an utterly disgusting state school as UW.