Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Wait... What's this? She's the last person I thought I'd see here!

That’s right! If you’ve had a night out clubbing in LA recently, you might have run into Aussie swim star Stephanie Rice out having a good time. But she is not just hitting any clubs; she is gaining a presence on the gay scene in an effort to restore her image after losing her Jaguar sponsorship over an anti-gay slur posted on her twitter account. Apparently, lots of people were upset over the tweet in which she told the South African Rugby team to “suck on that, Fa**ots!

According to her publicist, Steph will be rebuilding her marketability on a 12 city American tour of gay bars that will end with an appearance on June 26th at San Francisco’s gay pride parade.

When asked about her anti-gay tweet, Steph had only this to say, “I did not mean to cause offense and I apologize. I have deleted it from the site. I only hope that people understand that I am an avid rugby fan and I tweeted in the high emotions of a hotly contested match. Many of my friends are gay South African rugby players. Really! I only meant for the word fa**ot to come across in the most non-homophobic way possible.”

Good luck with that Steph! We at TSV support your efforts to bring a little tolerance to the world of sports, and to look good doing it!

Stephanie Rice at a totally gay after party, looking hot as usual!


  1. Thank goodness, I was going through Viking withdrawl the last couple weeks without your sarcasm and humour..........

  2. I am very impressed with your ability to celeb blog. I'm posting to mine to show everything I know I learning from my coach.