Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Podcasts You Might Enjoy

My wife has become a podcast junkie. The swim-related podcasts are easy for me to get into, but right now there is really only one on itunes, and obviously I am a loyal listener; I have been on the podcast. :)

I have started a collection on my ipod of some really cool stuff from itunes. One of the best podcasts ever is APM's "The Story." Imagine how awesome it was when I stumbled across this one,
Making a Splash, about Swimming Paralympian Tucker Dupree and his journey to Beijing. Tucker didn't lose his sight until high school, and it makes for a very interesting story... which is why people like me would tune in to a podcast called "The Story."

While you are there, also take the time to look up the story of the blogger who calls himself "Fat Cyclist." This guy's blog and the meaningful things he has done with it blow away all of the swim blogs put together. I am way jealous. All I ever managed to do as The Screaming Viking was start a couple of fun arguments that won't ever really change anything. Fat Cyclist raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the fight against cancer and got to ride with Lance Armstrong and Team RadioShack on a custom bike. Heck, maybe we should start a movement on my blog, where I can someday have an eating contest with Michael Phelps in a custom-made brief. Not quite as cool, but it is probably the best I could shoot for with the support of my nine loyal readers.

Check out the podcasts, but I will warn you: to hear the full-length podcasts, you may need to download them from itunes.

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