Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Films to Spread the Word About LCHF.

By now I assume your compulsion to believe everything you read on the internet has consumed you and you are ready to take the Viking's advice to drop the carbs...  but if you are like me, you have that one MAJOR obstacle:  well-meaning family and friends who want to prevent you from clogging your arteries with this crazy diet.  They try to shove bread down your gullet and sneak it into your snacks to prevent you from getting that dreaded "bread-deficiency disease" that they all assume must exist since, well...  I guess since Jesus was such a nice guy and gave people all that bread back in the day.

Nosey acquaintances will very rarely read the scientific mumbo-jumbo you throw in their faces, and they are often quick to dismiss anything that isn't their idea. That free donut at the faculty meeting makes a compelling argument compared to some pieces of paper with charts and scientific proof on it that say bacon is a healthier option.  Also, we have commercials like this to thank for making breakfast cereal look like it will automatically make you awesome at things like mystery solving, crimefighting and gymnastics all at the same time.

The only way to win them over?:  a film festival.  Get out some pork rinds and cheese dip and get your education on.  Here are some of your best options:  (Sorry, some of these require payment to rent or buy.)

1. Fathead

2. Cereal Killers part 1

3. Cereal Killers part 2: Run on Fat

4. Carb-Loaded:  A Culture Dying to Eat

5. The Perfect Human Diet

...and just for kicks, I am adding Dr. Barry Groves' HOMO CARNIVORUS in case the high production values of the other movies seem shady to them and they just need a good old power-point lecture.  Please watch it if you haven't already.  It will blow your mind and leave you wondering if your mom permanently damaged your health by forcing you to eat all those veggies when you were little.

Oh yeah... you should expect to be forced to watch the anti-LCHF movie that is based on vegan principles: "Forks Over Knives."  T. Colin Campbell makes a pretty compelling case in his film based on one of the largest nutrition studies in history, referred to as the "China Study,"  but anyone who directs you to that needs to be directed to this:  Raw Foods SOS

At Raw Foods SOS, a former Vegan and statistics fetishist, Denise Minger, butchers Dr Campbell's interpretation of data to show that maybe Vegans should just shut up and eat a steak. This is seriously worth the read.  She also wrote a book called Death by Food Pyramid that thoroughly explains the screwed up scientific and political breakdown that led to our government food guidelines getting so off-track.

Let me know what you think after you have your movie marathon.  I just watched Cereal Killers 2 for the first time this morning, and I have to say it is an excellent film that I hope a lot of people see and consider carefully.

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