Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peak Racing: You May Die

During my freshman year in college, I remember describing my friends on the swim team at Missouri State to one of my Alaskan pals. I spent some time talking about how crazy this guy Andy Weinberg was. He held all of our distance records at the time, and there was just nothing he wasn't willing to do in the pool or at a party. My Alaskan friend, who had actually spent some time in an institution and prison mind you, ended the conversation with "man, you are hanging out with the wrong people."

I had heard through the grapevine that Andy was still competing in triathlons and super long runs, which didn't really surprise me. There was obviously something about his personality that drove him to see how much abuse he could take. So when Andy's wife, Sloan, sent out a link on facebook to the website, I was curious. I played along and found out what Andy is now up to. That link is the site for their DEATH RACE. The rest of the races hosted by his PEAK RACES group are at Check it out at the links above, and watch the video below.

I can't even finish a set of 100's on 1:20 right now. I have never felt so pathetic. These guys are nuts. It is incredibly inspiring to see people test their limits in such a cool way.
Rumor is, there might be a reality show in the works. I am hoping for an interview with Andy soon just to see how all of this got started. Enjoy.

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  1. Nuts is putting it lightly. Carrying your bike 9 hours to ride it 5 minutes?

    Looks like a lot of fun actually, I would need a couple years to get into shape and I would give it a go.